Types of Planning Permission

There are a number of different types of planning applications but the main four are Outline Planning, Removal/ Approval/ Variation of conditions/ reserved matters, Full Planning Permission, and listed Building Consent which we will go into more detail.

The other types of planning application which will not be discussed in more detail here but are worth knowing of include:


  • Lawful development certificate
  • Work to trees or hedgerow removal
  • Conservation area consent
  • Prior Notification
  • Householder planning consent
  • Display of advertisements

Outline Planning Consent

Most building plots are sold with Outline Planning Consent.  Outline Planning Consent provides the basic proposal which outlines an fundamental elements of a proposed construction including but not limited to its height, footprint, basic elevations and impact on the immediate surrounding buildings.  Outline Planning Consent is made on the basis that more detailed drawings would be submitted in a Approval of Reserved Matters prior to any building work going ahead.  Should the Outline Planning Consent be adhered to it can provide greater certainty of obtaining Full Planning Permission as easements on the land and other statutory requirements should (to the best of the knowledge of those involved) have already been addressed.  Outline consent is valid for up to five years but you have only three years to apply fo Approval of Reserved Matters.

Approval of Reserved Matters

If a site already has Outline Planning Consent you must then submit a detailed approval of your scheme.  If accepted the building works must commence within two years.

Full Planning Permission

If a project is sure to be going ahead by those who make the initial enquiries, a Full Planning Application is made.  This is a combination of Outline Planning Consent and Approval of Reserved Matters.  Plots in Conservation Areas or next to listed buildings are usually sold with full planning permission, as are an increasing proportion of conversion opportunities.  Approval may be granted with conditions attached and is valid for three years from the date of consent.

Listed Building Consent

Listed Building Consent is required in addition to planning consent before any alteration works can be undertaken to a protected (listed) building or for any new buildings within its curtilage.  There is no fee


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