Who Should Project Manage

There are usually three main deliverables with every project: Budget, Quality, Timetable.  These project deliverables are key to successful project management but who is best to fulfil this role and ensure Budget, Quality and Timetable is met?

Its a decision not to be taken lightly and a decision which will have direct impact upon your project quality budget and timetable.  The most successful project managers will understand all three deliverables are not achievable as for example the attention to quality at low cost will directly lengthen the timetable.  Project managing can be performed by the Architect, a dedicated project manager, sometimes the contractor (depending on the types of contracts in place).  Fees for managing a project typically range from 5-10% of the relevant costs with very small projects potentially costing slightly more.  Don't forget to budget this in.  If you are using a very experienced contractor who is on site everyday you may decide a project manager is not required, but will oversee the on site works yourself.  This works for many.  Some self builders choose to take on the role of Contractor and Project Manager and hire Trades people in as and when needed.  Project Management is a very serious process and if carried out efficiently will result in significant savings and price certainty.  By using a professional, you can be sure you are working in the most cost effective manner.  Professionals however charge for these efficiencies which will provide overall savings however its worth accounting for their fee methods.  If the architect or project manager base their 'fee with adjustments' on the final build costs, where is their incentive to save you money?  A prudent client would set a budget based on realistic research then introduce to the architect an incentive bonus which agrees to profit share any savings made out of Project Managing efficiencies.


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