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Calculating building costs are going to determine whether you go through with a project or not. They will even define which ideas of your design aspirations stay or go so how and when can you calculate your costs?

The building project goes through several stages where costs are likely to change, the feasibility, the concept, the design development, the final design for planning and the technical details for building regulations. Projects with greater price certainty will be tested at concept and design development stages which also entail fewer design variations at later stages. However obtaining costs earlier involves a much higher degree of assumption which just cannot be determined with absolute precision at feasibility and concept stages without front loading the professional fees to an untrealistic level. In practice, your concept fee estimation is usually a very broad figure based on basic common assumptions and historic data that may have been collected from earlier projects. Price certainty will increase with good planning carrying out as much reasearch about the site as possible. Ground studies can prevent expensive variations to suitable foundation types, pre planning consultation based upon your local development frameworks can avoid expensive late variations of your lands function and appearance. Nonetheless each project needs to be judged on its indivual merits because sometimes the risk of price uncertainty overrides the cost of knowing. The TGA cost estimator is designed for residential projects but should not be relied upon. The figures are based on average build costs researched by RICS and are split into your region, your build quality aspirations, your build type, and then multiplies this by the footprint you plan to build.


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