Before Starting On Site

It can sometimes take many weeks to organise temporary supplies to site which is why contact to suitable authorities should be made in advance of starting on site.  If you are running the site yourself this is your responsibility.

The site will require power for lighting and tools, water for cleaning, mixing materials and hydrating and welfare facilities for the workman.  Welfare would include some place to rest, eat and WC facilities e.g. a Chemical Toilet.  Its also useful to include a site office.  Depending on the size of development this maybe a site hut or if practical, your garage/study.  Nonetheless it provides a useful space to plan and organise site issues as and when they arise.

The authorities to contact are:

  • Local Water Company
  • The Telephone Company (if mobiles will not suffice)
  • Local Electricity Board (if a generator will not suffice)


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