Making a Building Regs App

A Building Regulation application should be submitted before any works begin.  The Building Regulation process is something which occurs after your designs have been completed and when planning permission has been granted.  It can fundamentally

alter your project ideas and plan which is why its essential to have a good understanding of them at the earliest stage.  Professional designers and architects are trained to include regulations in their initial design appraisal which is why these professionals really can save time and money by proposing solutions which are not be fundamentally flawed at such a late stage.

The application should include:

  • Application Form.
  • Plan fee (check your council rates or company rates).
  • A full set of Building Regulation standard drawings.
  • Structural Calculations and site investigations is required (depending on type of construction and current site conditions)
  • If using the council to approve your Building Regulation application they will acknowledge receipt of your application and assigned a dedicated Building Control Officer to your project.  They will have up to 2 months to approve or decline your application.  If using a private company an agreement can be placed to significantly reduce this wait time.  If these lead times have not been placed into your critical path (time line) then reducing wait times not only could be a significant relief but keep your design team firing on all pistons.
  • If your Building Regulation application conforms with building regulations, you will be issued an approval notice and in most cases subject to conditions.  These conditions must be addressed and may require drawing updates for your contractors.
  • If your Building Regulation application is declined, you have time to make the recommended adjustments and resubmit for no extra charge.


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